50/50 Tickets!!

Well, here we are again.  For once in a happy place! My nails are painted, my belly is full and my body is relaxed.

What shall we talk about today?

This post is going to be a little short, and maybe a little surprising to some!

I’ve got a secret to tell. What might that secret be, you ask? Well here it goes, I’ll tell you. But you have to promise not to overreact and freak me out. I’ll run like an ostrich and stick my face in the sand. And if I freak you out, well, I gave you the perfect way out!

Before I reveal my super secret secret, I just want to say something. I want you to remember that I am still me. I’m still the person you know, but after this maybe I’ll be a little better. I expect to be treated the same and not as an object (I don’t even know if that makes sense, but whatever, as long as it’s a gold object that’s cool). I’m not doing this for attention, it’s only for me, so haters can go hate somewhere else, cause Taylor Swift would be proud of my shake.

Alright, count it down. 5….4…3…2…1!

I’m bisexual!
I’m out!

So. Now you know! Take it how you want, but honestly, if you don’t like this, well that sucks to be you. I’m open for questions that I know y’all will have! I love you all. And I hope you love me too!

That was easier to type than I thought. Seriously though, I’ll go get some 50/50 tickets in light of this and sell for $5 a piece, just hit me up! 🙂