80 Reasons

These are 80 thoughts that popped in my head when I started thinking. Every day these thoughts appear. It’s not okay. But I’ll be okay.

  1. Bitch
  2. I’m not okay
  3. I don’t want to be here
  4. Lock me up
  5. Undeserving
  6. Help me
  7. I’m not pretty
  8. Beautiful
  9. Not funny
  10. You’re a failure
  11. Do I look okay?
  12. Disgusting
  13. It’s not hard, just act normal.
  14. No one wants you here
  15. Am I pretty enough?
  16. Ridiculous
  17. Incapable of love
  18. Don’t be so pathetic
  19. Deserving
  20. Leave me alone
  21. Your self sucks
  22. Caring
  23. Waste of space
  24. FAT
  25. He hates you
  26. Don’t be so sad
  27. A joke
  28. You suck
  29. Lifeless
  30. Leave me alone
  31. Deserving
  32. Garbage
  33. You have no friends
  34. What’s the point?
  35. Am I good enough?
  36. Ugly
  37. Be different
  38. Why do you bother?
  39. Bad at your job
  40. Save me
  41. Everyone is looking at you
  42. Your friends are fake
  43. Don’t be fooled by the attention
  44. Smart
  45. Useless
  46. Life is easy
  47. You’re just doing it for attention
  48. Good enough
  49. Pointless
  50. No wonder no one loves you
  51. Loving
  52. Waste of time
  53. Stop looking at me
  54. Everybody hates you
  55. I’m not good enough
  56. You don’t deserve happiness
  57. People hate you
  58. Kind
  59. Stupid
  60. Ask me if I’m okay
  61. Bad at being human
  62. Worth it
  63. You’re a pity to society
  64. You’re a burden to life
  65. Liar
  66. What makes you special?
  67. I’m not good enough
  68. People don’t love you
  69. Stop smiling
  70. You’re so stupid
  71. You aren’t special
  72. You deserve to be sick
  73. Why love yourself?
  74. Life is better without you
  75. Amazing
  76. What makes you better than them?
  77. This is why people leave you
  78. This is why your family doesn’t want to be around you
  79. You are nothing
  80. It’s okay not to be okay

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I'm a 23 year old college student that understand the world. It's not the easiest thing.

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